Germ Ready - 150ml (5 oz) Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizing Foam


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Germ Ready is an alcohol-free antimicrobial hand sanitizing foam that kills 99.99% of germs. Just one 30-second application, or until dry, will provide you with up to 6 hours of moisturizing protection! Non-toxic, non-flammable & safe for all skin.

  • 6 Hour Non Alcohol Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitizing Foam - Kills 99.99% Of Germs
  • Over 225 Pumps Per 150ml - Rub 1 Pump for 30 Seconds Until Dry For Long Lasting Protection
  • Cleans Cuts and Small Abrasions without the Alcohol Burn
  • Promotes Hyaluronic Acid Creation and Repairs Alcohol Damaged Skin
  • Made in the USA

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