The Germ Ready Idea

Germ Ready is what happens when a chemist and an entrepreneur have a chance conversation discussing a 21st century solution for protecting hands amid a global pandemic.

We knew that constant hand washing and sanitizing was taking a toll on our skin and didn’t protect us afterwards.

Germ Ready is the solution. Our long lasting formula moisturizes and continues to kill germs for 6 hours. 

By sharing Germ Ready we hope to do our small part to help make our world a healthier and safer place. 

PPE for your family 6 hour hand protection
Dr. Kyle Dixon, chemist, creator of Germ Ready Hand Sanitizer Foam


My name is Dr. Kyle Dixon. I am a compounding pharmacist and creator of Germ Ready. During the current Covid19 pandemic, hand hygiene has taken center stage as a key way everybody can help stop the spread of the virus. Having an extensive background in healthcare, my wife, an ICU nurse, and myself have known about the importance of hand cleanliness. This crisis really drives home that point and puts it into perspective just how important having a personal hand sanitizer is for everybody, not just healthcare workers. 

Enter Germ Ready, an alcohol free hand sanitizer that is easy on the skin while keeping you protected for longer than its alcohol counterparts. Our active ingredient BZK, a quaternary ammonium compound, has been used for almost 90 years as a hand antimicrobial and a surface disinfectant in the food industry. There have been recent reports of increased microbial tolerance to alcohol sanitizers, but none to BZK sanitizers at concentrations of 0.12%. Our formulas concentration at 0.15% is slightly higher than others on the market to ensure maximum antimicrobial activity, or simply, germ killing.  

The other ingredients, which are responsible for the amazing hand feel after use are all plant derived. HPG and HPMC are both used in the food industry and saccharide isomerate has a similar composition to the carbohydrate complex found in human skin and a unique ability to bind to skin cells aiding BZK’s “staying power” on your skin. Although there is no substitution for handwashing with soap and water, in the busy world in which we live having a bottle of Germ Ready can keep you and your family safe and clean. All without the skin breakdown and unpleasant smell of alcohol-based sanitizers.

I hope you enjoy it as much as our family does.

Dr. Kyle Dixon

We live in a world where germ protection and prevention is no longer an afterthought; it's now a number-one priority. Studies have shown that you're most likely to contract an illness from the germs and harmful bacteria that come in contact with your hands. Washing your hands and using hand sanitizers are your best defense against these types of germs and bacteria. However, Germ Ready Hand Sanitizer offers you the ultimate in germ defense and comfort with many additional benefits you won't find with other products and brands. We're on a mission to bring hand sanitization up to date so everyone can enjoy the assurance that comes with both instant and continuous protection.

The Problem With Traditional Hand Sanitizers

Now more than ever, people are searching for handwashes and hand sanitizers that are reliable and effective. Unfortunately, the peace of mind that comes with most other options doesn't last.

Short-Lived Protection

Traditional handwashing and even some hand sanitizers are helpful when it comes to removing or killing germs immediately. Frequent handwashing is still recommended for better health and as a strong defense against harmful bacteria and germs. But these methods offer no additional protection when your skin comes in contact with germ-covered surfaces again, usually in just a matter of moments.

Skin Irritation

Because traditional hand sanitizing methods aren't designed to continuously kill germs, repetition is necessary. However, this presents a problem for those who are serious about their health and safety. All of that reapplication and rewashing comes with a price: severely dry, cracked, and irritated skin.

Germ Ready Hand Sanitizer Creation

Germ Ready was born out of a chance conversation between an entrepreneur and a chemist who saw the necessity of moving hand sanitizer forward into the 21st century. During a global pandemic, our founders recognized the importance of developing a better germ protection solution that was highly effective and long-lasting yet still gentle on all skin types.

An Innovative Plan

Constant handwashing or hand sanitizer use is not only impractical; it's also highly unlikely that most people will keep up with these practices when they're out and about. Those with irritated and uncomfortable skin are even more likely to skip it, resulting in a higher risk for germ exposure. That's why we've developed a product that continues working long after each application, consistently fighting germs and bacteria for six hours every time you use it. When you apply Germ Ready, you can actually enjoy more thorough protection with fewer applications.

A Better Formula

When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing skin, alcohol has been the medical standard for decades. Most health officials have recommended using a hand sanitizer that contains no less than 60% alcohol for better protection against unwanted germs. Unfortunately, this ingredient is extremely drying and is harsh on all skin types. Those with sensitive skin are especially prone to a host of unwanted side effects, from dryness and discomfort to cracks, eczema flare ups, and even bleeding.

We knew there was an alternative to alcohol that could offer the same germ-killing power without the irritating side effects. That's why Germ Ready is made with benzalkonium chloride, also known as BZK. This powerful antimicrobial ingredient has been proven to not only kill germs on contact but to continue to fight bacteria for hours. Our unique formula does this while actually moisturizing your skin, not dehydrating it.

Germ Ready is designed to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin, so it's free from many other unnecessary irritants. Our water-based foaming hand sanitizer does not contain gluten, parabens, fragrances, or dyes and is a cruelty-free product.

The Hand Sanitizer for Today's World

With Germ Ready, you don't need to fear those high-contact surfaces anymore. You can get back out there and live your life with a better defense against germs.

Who Can Use Germ Ready Hand Sanitizer?

With no harsh ingredients and gentle, lightweight formula, Germ Ready is an excellent option for every family member. Even adults with sensitive skin can enjoy the ultimate in germ protection without sacrificing the health of their skin. Because it's free from harmful irritants and lasts for hours, it's also a great hand sanitizing option for kids.

Where Can You Use Germ Ready?

Our innovative hand sanitizer is perfect for use in schools, at your workplace, and on the go. It's a great option for protecting yourself while you're out in public, but many people find they enjoy using it at home as well. While hand washing is still an important part of health and hygiene, Germ Ready can reduce the number of times you have to wash your hands at home and in public, resulting in healthier skin. When you do wash, be sure to reapply Germ Ready afterward for continued protection.

The Future of Germ Protection Is Here

It's time to offer yourself and your family the best defense against germs and harmful bacteria. You don't have to settle for traditional methods requiring multiple uses and taking a toll on your skin. Germ Ready is a modern hand sanitizing solution for a modern world.

We're here to offer you the confidence that comes from complete protection in any setting. For more information on our products and choosing the right amount for your needs, contact us today!

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